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I believe in these fields is the future on how to make your business fly dramatically. As a digital marketing consultant in the Philippines I’m always bullish that you should use these advantages to grow your business right away.Digital Marketing is now in the Philippines, Start up techs will increase as we are evolving our economy.To be honest?  I can’t let go of my excitement thinking of the future of  our country with the fields I’ve mentioned above. You also need to know on why you should invest in E-commerce too because that’s one of the best investment you can find in the next 10 years. Well about the Blockchain? Please do observe it well, because it’s already evolving on it’s adaptation stage.Pay attention to the things that evolving. especially if it makes human lives better. I’ve been a digital marketing consultant for straight 4 years and I never been happier doing this kind of job.

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Hi guys, I’m Jeorge Dela Cruz as an entrepreneur and a digital marketing consultant in the Philippines now maybe you are surprised at what I got here on my site. Looks like a billionaire right? lol But I’m not. This is what I do, I brand and sell things correctly and creatively. Helping Entrepreneurs all over the globe to adapt to the rapid changes in media & technology. Before I became ……..

Improve Company Sales By Applying These Head Start Strategies In Digital Marketing.

Tips by Jeorge Dela Cruz a Digital Marketing Consultant in the Philippines.

Why?  Even if this is not your field you should be acting like one. We are living in a  free media world. Way back years ago only the media moguls and companies that has bulk of cash can be a media agency on their own. But right now? because of the social media came in to us? You can now be a digital marketing company in the Philippines even if it’s not your own business.You are a walking media and everything could happen if are just creative to it.  The start up of having your own social media agency in the Philippines is not that  hard ,you can even look at this guide  which is my  favorite.But to save you from hassle? You only need your phone and seize every moment to it. If you  can’t do technical about it like the graphics, content writing, video products, animation and all those skilled stuffs? C’mon men, you only need  these sites  FIVERUPWORK and even FACEBOOK GROUPS in the Philippines that is related to the agency of digital media firms. Most of them too you can find it on Manila, it’s the capital city of the Philippines. Bottomline?  Be the creative and marketing head of your social media agency,who knows?  If you like the business, then you might be one of the top list of digital marketing agencies in the Philippines. That’s hitting two birds in one stone, your own business and a walking social media agency in the Philippines.

Yeah, you know what I’ve been into my early entrepreneurship days before.Then this content marketing laid on my table.Honestly, I don’t respect it much cause I’ve been so old school about it. But  It was changed because of the competition I had experienced way back in 2013. So this where I decided to dig deep and appreciate the value of content to my business. So what’s the value?   Content  for internet companies is the currency, that’s how important it is.We have known famous internet companies that’s on the top list like AMAZONEBAY , APPLE and  NIKE. These are the big example of companies that value so much on content.Let’s make the NIKE as  a very good example how they appreciate content even if there is no such social media platforms before.

The day that company provides sponsorships on great athletes, the day the company skyrocket it’s brand. Nike is one of the company that adapt early, once they sponsor an athlete they can have a content to publish on Televisions, Newspaper and Press releases . This can create a compelling story because the athlete behind Nike is the one people that will look forward too. It creates a connection between the shoe and the athlete.This is where people buy it without some  questions.But for now content has become more complex, there are more things to consider while producing a  good content. There are different formats and medium stated  below.  Now as you know when producing that? It takes a  lot of creativity , technicalities and patience. You can even learn to do it  on your own, cause if you really want to work with top list digital marketing agencies in Manila?   You will cash out a lot of money.  So you need to build up your social media agency company soon. Day by day different social media agencies who mainly offer social media management services are having a start up brand even if they have a day job. It’s a perfect business to build a company and an awesome side hustle too.This is the link  I’ve researched about how much the averages cost  to produce a kind content. So if I’m reading your mind right as my professional opinion. As being the digital marketing consultant in the Philippines, you really need to do it and appreciate it. It’s because if you won’t learn from it? You will burn a lot of cash and you will just waste your money paying top list digital marketing agencies in the Philippines.

There are a lot of skills in the field of digital marketing but what I always want you to focus is these 3 components that can make you competitive in this space.As your digital marketing consultant in the Philippines, i strongly suggest that learn these stuffs before launching your own company. This can save you from  a headache too, aside from the expenses that you will encounter. 

• Content writing -this is to make sure you can communicate non verbally online. This is important cause if you fail communication online you can’t write a single social media post, tweet creatively , blog to attract readers. Resulting to poor quality write ups. 

• Search Engine Optimization  -I suggest don’t  just learn from it be passionate about it. SEO is not slowing down , especially in your social media agency you are competing on the internet. If you are not passionate about this? You will get tired and your content marketing knowledge will be put to waste. SEO is a must to make sure your efforts in day one will be rewarded in the long term. Me myself, i don’t like those stuffs. But i have no choice, because I can’t afford to anymore seo companies to do the job. So expensive, that’s I decided to be passionate about it. I have use so many leverage in my online companies because I had known these stuffs. If you really want to have an effective social media agency in the Philippines? Dig deep , enroll courses, read books, join a SEO meet up club. Please also refer with these links to learn an intro about SEO. I learned everything from youtube by the way!

• Editing Graphics Photo/Video -Why? It’s because I want to save you from outrageous fees online. This is why you start investing a good laptop , actually this is your main investment when you are offering social media management services in the Philippines.  A good laptop will save you from all the hassle , I suggest you go buy a Mac for a seamless work experience.   Here are also list of companies that you can consider to learn video editing and graphics.

So I won’t discuss all the things here in social media. Of course, if you want your company to be top on marketing companies in Manila or Philippines you should learn how to do this. What’s social media agency worth for? A lot of courses online that you can take , here are my list that I really do recommend.But what I suggest that you should focus here is the technicalities of platform on how it works especially how you can leverage business companies to use ads. This is a vital part of social media management services. When you know all about technicalities? You can  make strategy to your businesses within your power.You just need a laptop and creativity to go for the kill. Good luck and stay focus with the social media courses. Learn and apply it right away. No room for what ifs and hope to see your company one of the major companies that’s on the top list of social media agency in the Philippines. Don’t forget me as your  digital marketing consultant in the Philippines  too.

Why? You know what B2B business is a cringe to your everyday life. It needs more education to get more clients. It doesn’t  mean you are good with your skills you can attract clients easily.. Well, the reality of b2b you  will find a hard time to get a meeting if you can’t get their attention. Influencer in your own field, personal life, hobbies. This is what I’ve learned. Clients in digital media will hire you if you have a good portfolio, awesome skills and colorful life. You need to show them  who you are and be more transparent about your craft.The more you are good with this, the more clients will attract. They are not hiring your brand they are trusting you yourself. So make sure personal branding that is a section for being a social media influencer is a must.Being an influencer is not just about having a cool videos and cool editing with the content. But being the best influencer can be able to communicate with their audience well. Take it as a challenge, if it’s not into you? Practice , practice, practice. I’ve been consulting different companies in the Philippines about digital marketing. One of our key strategies is to make my clients employees as social media influencers. By this strategy , my client can save a lot of expenses on their online marketing and deliver the company message well because an employee is talking to a product.  Here are my favorite influencers in the Philippines that you can be inspire with. Believe me, if you crack the code if being an influencer by yourself? Everything will be so limitless.Trust me , even if  i’m  Digital Marketing Consultant in the Philippines ?  I still believe social media influencers can take this level into a whole new level.

Now, you have a goal to be a walking social media agency for your business. You appreciated content then you know already what are the skills you need to acquire. Digital Marketing Consultant in the Philippines can take you to the market size of the gig economy and why you should be fired up right now. The digital gig economy right now is about  120 billion approximately and expected to grow 12% every year.Now in the Philippines alone to start with your own company and hopefully this is going to be a top list digital marketing agency soon.We are growing  growing globally  and I’m proud to say we are globally competitive gig workers. So  to put your eyes on the gold chest, we are not slowing down. The golden age of digital marketing and social media management services is now! The world is so wide that you can offer your services or invest hard on your online marketing for your company Oh wait, you can do it both too. (: Like what I’m doing right now, I have my digital marketing agency firm in the Philippines and have my other businesses too. My companies that I’ve built using effective social media management services.

I hate to admit but I run from this and hide. Analyzing data is hard especially if you are an entrepreneur? This is the real stuffs of shits is coming. You will see your lose money, your low engagement contents, high cost data engagements, low CTR and this list would never been  so easy!What i did? I study them all and swallow reality.Learn  about what do they really mean! After that, I learn to understand deeply about the space. Now I can expand my strategies on how I can scale my business. Believe this last thing I would say, if you can read metrics online? Well, you can be a digital marketing consultant in the Philippines too.Read so you can have that walking social media agency too! Improve metrics, improve marketing! Done!

Let’s do a quick recap? Now we have already goals, skills, overview of the industry and the to do list too? Now the last resort you may encounter is being a confident guy on the field. Since you are new to this, i know it’s normal to look nervous or uncertain. When i started consulting in digital marketing  consultant in the Philippines? Believe me , I’m one of that too. But what puts me here now is my number 1 weapon is always the confidence on me. Don’t be a perfectionist one on this field, having a digital marketing agency is a trial and error game. You can’t win overnight, but you can win in long term.  Impatient people doesn’t deserve to be here too. So if you are an impatient one? You can’t make it to the top list of marketing companies in the Philippines.This is why I solve problems one goal at a time. This is where you gain traction and confidence. This is where you are more energetic to offer your social media management services. This is where you put yourself as the digital marketing consultant in the Philippines. Always be that guy, always remember to grow a social media agency. Make confidence as one of your top list weapon everyday! Crush all the marketing companies! You can do it!