10 Best Start Up Business Ideas in the Philippines

Participating in an economic activity includes investing your money into business. This means that you are into something bigger. There are things that you also need to consider. This includes your skills, financial resources and choose the best kind of business to start with. In the Philippines, it shows a big population and also potential customers that will be in need of your product or service. It’s diverse culture values and historical colonization with such countries such as Spain, United States and Japan that contributes to the totality of the civilization in the Philippines. With it’s board range of diversity it opens up bigger to opportunities of different product and services in the Philippines.

Here are some short list of business in the Philippines:

  1. E-loading Business

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people, This presents a large base of mobile phone users. In fact the Philippines ranked of mobile phone users. With the availability of improved and advanced smart phones, the number of mobile phone users might go higher every year in the Philippines has been hailed as the text capital in the world. With a recent US study revealing that the average Filipino user sends an average of 600 text message per month or 43% more than their counterpart in the US.

2. Online Business

There are times that Filipinos are busy enough to have time to walk in the malls to shop. It is undeniable for Filipinos that they love to shop. Due to some traffic conditions, they rather shop online. All you need is a good internet connection and a device such as computer and mobile phones to interact with clients. Products and services includes, apparel to mobile phones and many more. 

3. Iced Desserts

Due to tropical climate like in the Philippines, people prefer ice or frozen desserts in summer. One of the most popular dessert and common to people is Halo-Halo.

4. Start up a Sari-sari Store Business

It is also a good small business and a way to earn money, If you’re living somewhere exposed to people passing by it could also be a good idea for you, It draw customers attention since it is very accessible for them. 

5. Buy and Sell Business

You can start up by selling some good products that interest the customers from your work office, friends and your neighborhood. 

6. Computer Shop/Internet Cafe Business

This business needs a quite big amount to start up with. Materials includes computer, internet connection and printing machines and many more. Most students would go into computer shops for school projects. 

7. Poultry Business

You need time and save amount of cash to take care of animals. Choose what type of animal you want to take care and invest with. 

8. Water Station Business

This type of small business can really be profitable. You also need a quite amount to start up with but it is actually easy to get your investment back since water is a necessity for everyone.

9. Laundry Service

Everyone are quite busy nowadays to have time to do their own laundry. This is also considered as a good business idea for you. The materials that you only need is a washing machine, detergents, and provide good service on your customers.

10. Baking Cakes and Cupcakes

Make a business out of your own hobbies and interest. It is also a good idea to start up at home. You can also personalized cakes and cupcakes according to your customer’s demand. And promote them on social media to expose the product to potential customers. 

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