Before  Entrepreneurship

Before I became an Entrepreneur, I started as a waiter, barista, dishwasher, salesmen, these are jobs that makes me more human.I was raised by my mom, middle-income family who really don’t have a drive for business.My family was composed of workers and as I grow I’ve noticed we are not moving any further.Much worst? this family was in so full of debts.That’s why I needed to take the other course ” the hard course and worth it in the end”.I can still remember the day I drop out myself at school and job on the same day to be fully engaged in business.That’s where I turn my life around and started grinding, failing hard every day.My journey to Entrepreneurship is a cliff-Arizona road. 2012 when I started the business I landed my first ever contract worth Php 12,500.00 it’s a mobile bar package. Basically, I really don’t know about business that time.But I know how to ask? That’s my first ever selling experience and I’ve been addicted day by day.Now that mobile bar company called Bottoms Up it started from scratch up to a nationwide brand.Shortcut to 2015, it was my super down times, suffered depression.Almost ,I lost everything that year. Failed multiple businesses, lost a lot of money, love, friends and the only thing left for you is your family.It gives me a life lesson and makes me a better human again.


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Golden Mission of My Company

Presently, owned different type of businesses relating more to online & tech. But what really keeps me excited is the growth of my media & tech company. I’ve found a “purpose” to help out to every piece of Entrepreneur around the globe. I know the feeling that you want something to happen to your business and you lack a lot of resources.I also know that feeling that you almost lost everything and still don’t know the answers what to do for your business.Well, the good part of that is I also know the feeling of becoming winner ownin  g the industry and get a huge pie of it. Maybe that’s why I’m so driven growing this company, it’s like my golden mission before I will be gone with this world. It’s not easy I know, but as long as I have my team & people who trust me , believe on me. We keep the grind!