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He is an Entrepreneur based in the Philippines.He owns multi businesses relating to services like mobile bar, marketplaces platforms and responsible for handling 300 + websites both foreign and local.All of these we’re produce by using the “full scale power” of digital marketing.Aside from a full time Entrepreneur, Jeorge offers digital marketing consultancy to both SME’s and Corporations globally.This campaign is to make Filipino Entrepreneurs to be fully digitally competitive.Jeorge Dela Cruz has a vision that Philippines will be a big player in Asia when it comes digital space.Of course, it’s slowly happening now.Get to know more on Jeorge by clicking this page.

Monetise Your Website!

We often think about a side earning where we are sitting at the office with nothing to do, often we’re hit by ideas such as developing our own website and earn money. Seems like a fantastic idea when you think about it in a way to spend the money earned through the website on your personal leisure while the basic earning you make from your job can serve its own purpose. Just think about how much fun you could have when you’re just sitting at home in your PJ’s without a care in the world with no fear of dressing appropriately and making a good amount of money just like that. Well, I must tell you that as pleasing as the results may sound, the process of reaching this point comes after hard work with the right techniques and full attention, this is the main focus of our topic, to teach you how to be a website developer Philippines.

My Tips

Read the tips carefully to start your very own web development company the Philippines and be the best website developer Philippines.

Digital Marketing  Agency  Tagaytay

1. Study Local Listing SEO

First step in getting your business started as website developer Philippines is to get to know about local listing in SEO where you make yourself familiar with all the basic points needed to know.... So basically local listing is an online data entry where your business Name, Phone number, and Address are mentioned along with other important details. There are many websites for instance Foursquare, Yellow Pages and Yelp where any local business can create free local business listings. Being able to make it up to 100+ directories in the business listing will require a lot of time and effort but once you do search engines will trust your accuracy and your local searches will shoot up.

2. Basic SEO Knowledge

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of today’s world’s most fastly growing ways of internet marketing. It is estimated that SEO companies spring up overnight due to their demand ... and almost vanish as fast because of the volatile world of the internet. If you want your website to bloom and fill your pockets then without SEO, don’t even think about it. At the moment SEO is the most effective method of online marketing so go ahead and absorb all the knowledge regarding SEO in your mind regarding website developer Philippines.

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3. Focus On Quality Than Quantity Contents

The most important step to build your website and make it effective is to fill it up with creative writing that will attract more traffic. Often we just focus on filling the spaces and literally bundle up a number of... words that don’t have any weight and sound like boring informative drool – this will obviously drive your traffic off track. The best thing to do is focus on the quality of the content you’re writing. Use short but informative and interesting phrases that will confine the related topic and leave your readers thinking about it when they finish.

Digital Marketing Agency Laguna

4. Avoid Spamming

The worst thing you can do to leave your website empty and unvisited is copy content from another website and paste it to your own. Many websites adopt this method but let’s face it, sooner or later ... they all get caught up in copywrite claims and cyber theft. I don’t mean to scare you but if you are planning on building your website from scratch and hope for it to make you successful then my friend the last thing you wanna do is to copy-paste! Not only you will get caught quickly thanks to software like Copyscape but also your dream to build an online business will be over right then and there.

Social Media Agency Davao

5. Learn How To Build Backlinks

A backlink is one of the most powerful and used words in the world of SEO. Many online writers and bloggers who have just started their website or blog journey often struggle to... understand the term ‘backlink’. It is simply defined as a webpage link that links to any other page. In the world of online marketing, a webpage with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher on all major and visible search engines, including Google so go ahead and learn more.

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6. Learn How To Write SEO Friendly Blogs

Writing blogs sounds like a great activity to invest your time doing something useful. If you have the time, then why not use it productively? Fortunately, there are many platforms ...on the internet where you can learn how to write SEO friendly blogs. Writing interesting SEO friendly blogs requires highly specialized skills, SEO friendly blogs can get your article indexed fast. You can learn more anywhere on the web.

Online Ads Consultant Manila

7. Use Awesome Plug-Ins For Growth

The growth of traffic and popularity of your website depends on many factors and adding awesome plug-ins for that purpose is one of them. Adding plug-ins to your ... website means adding a software that acts as an add-on to another web browser and gives additional functionality to the browser. You can learn all about the introduction and how-to install plug-ins.

Dіgіtаl Marketing Agency Batangas

8. Always Update Pictures

Adding graphic content to your website is just like icing and frosting a baked cake. The more pretty, attractive and ...updated pictures you post, the higher will be the chance of ongoing traffic on your website. You can collect interesting pictures related to your topic or even have them designed for uniqueness easily.

Mаnіlа Digital Marketing Agency

9. Learn Keyword Research

A keyword research is typically defined as the search for keywords related to your website and the analysis of which ones yield the highest return on ... investment (ROI). It is important to have a thorough research in keyword hunting as this will get your website listed on the top pages.

Sосіаl Mеdіа Agеnсy Mаkаtі

10. Use Ads Online

To be a website developer Philippines use paid advertisements to highlight your website and attract more traffic. The problem with ads is that it has...the lowest long-term potential. Which means you will pay upfront for a guaranteed stream responsible for traffic on your website which will definitely valuable but once you withdraw the budget, the ads will be turned off leaving your stream defunct.

Sосіаl Media Agеnсу Tаgауtау

11. Learn To Read Web Analytics

Web analytics is defined as a tool for measuring traffic on your website and it can also be used for market and business research and to improve and assess the effectiveness ...and quality of your website. It is important to keep a track of your website whether enough traffic is there or not, are people interesting in the content provided in your website, the number of people who don’t like the content of your website and so much more can be analyzed using a good web analytics tool.

Digital Marketing Agency Davao

12. Link Social Media Platforms

In today’s date, almost everyone from kids to adults is participating in social media activities in one way or another. If you have a very long friend list on Facebook, a thousand ...followers on Instagram and Twitter then why not avail the opportunity and use these platforms to promote your business and website. You won’t believe the number of heavy traffic on your website right after you advertise it on social media platforms and guess what, it is so easy to do with the right guidance.

Sосіаl Mеdіа Agency Cеbu

13. Continue To Grow Your Web Knowledge

The last step to become a successful website developer Philippines is to increase your knowledge constantly. Don’t just stop learning after an article or two, expand your knowledge...knowledge using the right platforms that provide true and correct web knowledge. This will help you develop new techniques, tips and tricks to enhance traffic on your website and make it successful.

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